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Earth Day Events

Abu, Rajasthan, India

ED - Abu, planting a tree

Radio Madhuban 90.4 FM celebrated Earth Day on 22nd April 2017 with the community in Abu, Rajasthan. The team produced radio shows and organized outreach events to educate the community about the global challenges faced today and spread awareness about the Sustainable Development Goals.
Radio organized a painting competition for students of classes 1st to 5th at the Government Primary School, Nichlafali Village and for students of classes 6th to 10th at Royal Rajasthan Public School, Abu. 80 students participated in the painting competition and expressed their ideas on topics like ‘Save mother Earth’, Save Electricity, Save Water’, ‘Say no to Waste’, ‘Pollution Control’ etc. through colours and paints. Winners were awarded certificates and plant saplings to plant in their school grounds. The Principal of Govt. Primary School Mrs. Vasvani appreciated our efforts and motivated students to take an oath for saving the environment.
ER - Abu, art competition
Students were also encouraged to write slogans on these topics. 4 students presented speeches and 40 students sang songs and recorded poems for appealing to the community to save the planet. These were broadcast on Radio to spread awareness and inspire action.
Furthermore, a workshop on titled ‘Let’s Save the Planet’ was organized for 40 tribal women in Mordu village to focus on sustainable development in the local community. Team Radio Madhuban shared some tips for environmental conservation in daily life with the women participants and educated them about water pollution and household waste management through an activity. Participants recorded messages for the community encouraging them to plant more trees and save Earth. Our volunteer music band also presented a song for Earth Day at the end of the workshop.
Adding to this, our young volunteer RJs produced a 30 minute radio show in a classroom session format on Earth Day to spread awareness about fighting climate change and affordable energy solutions for the community.
(Report by Raghav Chawla)
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