International Day of Yoga

Livestream continues until 2:30 pm UTC (Monday, June 22)

A Project of the Brahma Kumaris International Youth Forum in honor of the United Nations Seventy-Fifth Anniversary

In your soul…glows the future….

“ If we connect light to light, and join the lights together of the one billion young people in our world today, we will be enough to set the whole planet aglow.” ( Hafsat Abiola)


We invite BK youth around the world, to experiment researching their ‘inner light’; discover the one specialty gained through their practice of raja yoga meditation and share it through a short personal video. What you will see on June 21st will be an expression of a collection of those videos.


The aim is simple – illuminate yourself and the world will be illuminated.


What we would like YOU to do?

Wherever you are in the world – we’d like you to ‘dive’ into a 24 hr virtual ‘light stream’ of these reflections with an open mind and heart. Stay tuned here for more updates.


21 Days Activate Your Inner Light Challenge

If you are inspired, then please subscribe online during the live show to our 21 Day ‘ Meditation Challenge ’…an opportunity to use the power of reflection with daily guided meditations for 21 days to activate your inner light…


Supporting Organizations

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