International Day of Yoga

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Journey of the Self to the Self


Be True to Yourself


Know Yourself


Make the Choice that Brings Peace


Inner Mastery, Outer Harmony


Dear Friends,

We invite you to take you on a journey — a journey to reclaim something that was once ours, but now long lost. Just as the solstice marks the transition from one season to the next — a turning of the tides, a changing of the “guards”, a beautiful transformation of the color and fragrances of nature — similarly, we are at a transition point in TIME where there is a global effort from shifting our energy and vision from outside to inside. Through this beautiful journey of going back within, this gives birth to a beautiful remembrance — the remembrance of what it feels like to simply be. To be truly happy, peaceful, loving, creative and pure — all qualities intrinsic to our essence.


In our world that has so seamlessly created instant wireless communication — the click of a button provides us with instant connection. Despite this, there exists an emptiness and lack of depth and breadth within us and within the human family. Because we have unconsciously lost that instant connection with our true selves, with our True Source, the mirror that we use to look at ourselves, to see ourselves as successful and happy, comes from things out in the world. We have developed “addictions” — to food, name, fame, wealth, image and power — in order to fill that inner vacuum because we are afraid to be with ourselves, to know ourselves. Our humble and sincere invitation is for you to join us on this journey; to be kind to yourself; to take the time to honor, reawaken, reunite with our essence, with our Source, with each other. The creation of this inner harmony will allow each one of us — one second at a time, one story at a time, one person at a time — to have an external social impact transforming into global harmony.

It’s a journey — a beautiful one, but one that requires effort. All it takes is one determined thought, courage and a sincere wish to change, to reconnect. As one lamp lights the next, may this yoga solstice and turning of the wheel grace every corner of your life with love, peace and true yoga.