Creating Unity

When one steps back and observes the condition of the world, we can’t help but initially only notice all of the economic crises, political problems, poverty and religious strife affecting many parts of the globe. However, underneath all this, there is a little lamp in each of us, and in our own ways, we are striving and longing for that same thing—unity with the Source, with ourselves and with each other. The International Day of Yoga is not just one day, but marks our birth as humanity of remembering and reuniting with our soul.

In our society, we carry many responsibilities–a big balancing act. Regardless of our backgrounds and professional fields, we are constantly giving, meeting deadlines, making expanding “to-do” lists, maintaining efficiency and productivity–all this, while still trying to maintain balance of work, life and personal growth. We get so focused and caught up in playing these many roles that we forget our real responsibility to ourselves. It is in that knowingness of realizing who I really am, and operating from that true reality, that will bridge the gap between humanity. We are originally wired for love, generosity, universality and connection. In our focus on the external world, we have replaced this genetic wiring with running for name, fame, wealth and power–all manifesting with different wings for each individual.

Through this journey, we realize that inner power and reality is not outside, but within. We find that light within, light that lamp one at a time, and imagine what a world that would be.. The Time is Now


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