Courage – Perseverance – Determination

Points of Light:

CourageDo you ever feel like giving up when things are just not going as expected? Have you made those resolutions to change things about yourself, but then felt you were not able to live up to them?

The challenge is to see crisis as an opportunity to rise to your highest self, even when it seems impossible.
It is much easier to notice what we don’t have than appreciate what we do. Whenever challenging situations come our way, we tend to focus on what we lack. With this attitude, we are unable to make an effort to change the situation. We then tend to blame others or make excuses.

Daily Practice for Self Growth and Social Impact:

  • Being honest with one’s self requires a lot of courage. It requires looking at that inner mirror through deep self introspection.
  • When we reflect, we all have things we want to change about ourselves. Pick one thing in your life that you want to change and have the determined thought to keep working on it. We have to start somewhere and sometime. It is about the courage you bring to your practice.
  • In challenging situations, make special effort to appreciate use what you have. With this, every challenge will allow you to discover and use your hidden resources.

Meditation: Connecting to the Ocean of Strength—filling ourselves with that courage and positivity:

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