Brahma Kumaris at the United Nations

The Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University (BKWSU), with its spiritual headquarters in Mt. Abu, India, comprises a worldwide network of centers in 110 countries and is an international non-governmental organization of the United Nations accredited with General Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC); Associate Status with the Department of Public Information (DPI); Consultative Status with United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF); Observer Status to the United Nations Environment Assembly of UNEP; Observer Organization to UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC); Flagship Member of Education for Rural People (ERP), Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO).

2023 International Day of Yoga : June 21

Day 21: Soul posture: Living Spiritually (Body posture: Lotus pose)

21 Postures of the Soul

The journey of the spirit from June 1st to June 21st

Day 1: Soul posture: Elevated Awareness (Body posture: Mountain Pose)

Day 2 : Soul posture: Throne of the forehead (Body posture: Chair Pose)

Day 3 : Soul posture: Turning Inwards(Body posture: Standing Forward Bend)

Day 4: Soul posture: Spiritual Power (Body posture: Plank Pose)

Day 5: Soul posture: Turning upwards & Going Beyond (Body posture: Upward Facing Dog)

Day 6: Soul posture: Remembrance of ONE while in Action (Body posture: Downward Facing Dog)

Day 7: Soul posture: Non-violently focus on the Aim (Body posture: Warrior 2)

Day 8: Soul posture: Three Powerful Points (Body posture: Extended Triangle Pose)

Day 9: Soul posture: Inner Revolution (Body posture: Revolving Side Angle Pose Triangle Pose)

Day 10: Soul posture: Full Journey of the Soul (Body posture: Half Moon Pose)

Day 11: Soul posture: Return to the Seed (Body posture: Tree Pose)

Day 12: Soul posture: Self Belief (Body posture: Hero Pose)

Day 13: Soul posture: Deep Rooted Self Respect (Body posture: Garland Pose)

Day 14: Soul posture: Balance to stay on Course (Body posture: Crow Pose)

Day 15: Soul posture: Protection of Eternal Parent (Body posture: Child Pose)

Day 16: Soul posture: Walking stick of spiritual wisdom (Body posture: Seated staff Pose)

Day 17: Soul posture: Absorbing and applying Truth (Body posture: Seated Forward Bend)

Day 18: Soul posture: Filling up (Body posture: Boat pose)

Day 19: Soul posture: Emerging from the Chrysalis (Body posture: Seated Butterfly pose)

Day 20: Soul posture: Coming to life (Body posture: Corpse pose)

Day 21: Soul posture: Living Spiritually (Body posture: Lotus pose)

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