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2016 Holocaust Memorial Ceremony


The Holocaust and Human Dignity

General Assembly Hall, Wednesday, January 27, 2016

A very moving session, filled with determination regarding holocaust, took place today. A number of Excellencies addressed the packed hall, including the Secretary General, Mr. Ban Ki-Moon, who stated that Holocaust and UN Outreach Program is educating people to promote the universal values of the UN and work towards a world of peace.

The most common message from the various speakers was to remember the experiences of those who died and those who survived the holocaust, learn from those experiences, and very importantly, not to repeat them today or in the future. Standing-by or being indifferent when human rights are being violated should not be tolerated or encouraged. Only when human dignity is upheld can the human community flourish in peace.

Holocaust is an attack on what it means to be a human being, it marks a breakdown of human rights. It is an international responsibility to protect human rights through education for every human being is born free.

It was noted that the increase in crimes, prejudices, mass atrocities is a sign that we have not fully learned from the experiences of the past and as such, we could be heading to yet another holocaust!

On a spiritual note, a few keys questions:
– some ask: ‘Where is God during all of this?’ instead ask: ‘Where is man, during all of this?’
– What would I do if I were in a similar situation?
– How could intelligent and educated men take guns and kill men, women, and children. Then, at night, take pleasure in music played by their families?
– What could have been in the minds of those educated engineers, architects, and technologists to design and build camps such as Auschwitz?

A few survivors shared their stories which touched everyone present – the daughter of one such survivor shared on behalf of her father who passed away last year at the age of 106!

What is incredible is that these survivors made a life for themselves despite their painful childhood and are contributing to the world in many great ways.

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