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A Discussion on Migration

The Dag Hammarskjold Library presents the Library Insight Series

The Dag Hammarskjold's Library - UN photo

The Dag Hammarskjold’s Library – UN photo

The first of the series of discussion was held in an intimate setting of the modern reading room of the Library on Tuesday, August 14.

The experienced and diverse panel included Mr. Richard Blewitt, Head of the Delegation and Permanent Representative of the International Federation of Red Cross to the UN; Mr. Brian Flynn, Deputy Permanent Representative of the Ireland to the UN; Mr. Dionyssios Kalamvrezos, Deputy Permanent Representative of Greece to the UN; Ms. Tolu Olubunmi, DPI Communications Coordinator on Migration; with Ms. Suzanne Sheldon, Senior Policy Advisor, International Organization for Migration, as the moderator.

DHL - Migration

Migration is a basic part of humanity and many countries are built on migration. Migration is not something new to the world however, when the volume of people moving is in the area of 100’s of 1000’s due to war and conflicts, it becomes a grave concern for everyone.

People leave for various reasons – better opportunity, better education, a safe place where full rights can be exercised. Recognizing the hardships people left and the hardships they now face in their new settlements, it was noted that it’s of vital importance that mis-handling should not happen. Given that over one million people fled to Greece over the last few years, it was challenging for the government to manage the borders and the people. Nevertheless, the government is working on providing equal rights, proper healthcare services, and education to the migrants.

Other areas of concern mentioned were to look into the root causes to why people would choose to leave their home country, rather than criminalizing them, and see in what way the more developed countries can assist in bringing stability to those affected areas.

To ensure that these challenges are addressed and the voices of migrants are heard, the Global Impact for Migration is being discussed and prepared with the aim to be launched in December 2018.  The Global Impact emphasizes on seeing each and every situation as an opportunity, and not an issue or even challenge. It was clearly noted that no one country can manage migration on its own, this is a global issue that calls for global attention and solution.

It was also observed that as much as these discussions are necessary and help to clarify world issues more, the presence of members of the Peace & Security Council is of vital importance.

In conclusion, all human beings need the basics in life for survival: food, shelter, clothes, and money. However, people also need to feel safe and secure wherever they are. One way to ensure that this happens is to provide the care, nurturing, and support that are required to give people the hope that their life will be improved. The question that still remains is: would migrants be aware that a document such as, the Global Impact that addresses their rights, available?

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