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A Report of Activities organised by BK Centres in Australia


A number of events were held around Australia by BK centres to celebrate the inaugural UN International Day of Yoga. Here is a short summary of those activities.


The Brahma Kumaris kicked off their celebrations of the UN International Day of Yoga (IDY) at the East Sydney Meditation Space. A video of Dadi Janki as a living yogi was show as people arrived. It was fortuitous that internationally renowned musicians, Pandit Debasis Chakraborty and Dr Lovely Sharma, professors at Aligarh University in India, were present. They were joined by one of Australia’s best keyboard players, Sam McNally, and a tabla player. It was a wonderful fusion of sounds and transported everyone to another world! Conny Dietschold also joined in, playing crystal bowls and periodically guiding meditations. About 60 people attended.

The second celebration was organized by the Five Dock centre at Abbotsford Primary School hall. Susie Nelson Smith, a sound therapist, interviewed Morni Chen who has been practising Raja Yoga with the Brahma Kumaris for 38 years. As well, Kim Wainer, a young hatha yoga and BK Raja Yoga teacher, rendered a Yogi Dance followed by some light stretches in which the audience joined. Following this was World Meditation with Morni guiding the meditation and Susie creating a wonderful ambience through the crystal bowls. Even those who had not meditated before were absorbed in the experience of peace and joined in sending good wishes to the world during the one hour meditation.


At the Illawarra Retreat Centre at Wilton, the weekend’s retreat was a prelude to celebrating IDY on Sunday 21 June. The retreat was called ‘Yogi Bliss Festival’ and was facilitated by Kim Wainer. Kim is a lovely example of living a healthy, balanced life. During the retreat participants experienced Hatha Yoga and Raja Yoga practices. The participants (over 30) shared their inspirations from the weekend which included ways they would make changes in their lifestyle.

On Sunday from 3.00pm to 6.00pm the IDY was celebrated with a World Meditation programme which included a workshop on Respect. This was facilitate by Dianne Gamble. The program closed with an hour’s meditation focusing on our world with thoughts of peace, love and regard. The hour’s meditation was supported by crystal sound therapist, Elizabeth Brandis, who played the Crystal Singing Bowls throughout the hour’s meditation.


Hobart had a small but beautiful sharing of the power of yoga in participants’ lives at an afternoon tea at the University of Tasmania Multifaith Centre on the afternoon of 21 June to celebrate the UN International Day of Yoga. There were 15 people present from many different schools of yoga. New friends and new connections were made to build on for the future.


Perth organised two lovely events. One event, organised by Sr Neeta, was attended by about 80 participants and included the acting Consul General for India and a local parliamentarian. There was a talk on how Raja Yoga Meditation can be incorporated into daily life and enhance one’s inner stability, thus creating unity between soul and matter, human being with human being and human being with nature. The session concluded with a short meditation and a deep silence was felt by all.

In the evening a programme was held at Shenton Park Community Centre attended by about 70 people. As people entered, they were ushered into five group settings – Unity of the Self, Unity with the One, Unity with Matter, Unity with Humanity and Raja Yoga. A PowerPoint presentation and video messages from Dadi Janki and Sr Jayanti were presented and then the audience discussed the five topics amongst themselves. Lively discussions took place with positive feedback from the various groups. There was then time for silence, meditation and ‘unity with the One’ as the participants sat in a circle surrounding a floral/global arrangement. A very powerful atmosphere of love and silence filled the hall. In silence, each person wrote a positive affirmation from their experience which was then distributed with toli to the tune of ‘We are One Family’.

The full reports on these events from the Perth centre, together with photos, are attached.


The Hindu Temple and Cultural Centre celebrated the UN International Day of Yoga on Saturday 13 June. Five BKs from the Canberra Centre attended. Along with hatha yoga sessions in which the audience was encouraged to participate, BK Sr Panna gave a short introduction to Raja Yoga meditation, then spoke a commentary leading the audience in a silent and still meditation. A representative from the High Commission for India and a local parliamentarian were also present.

On 21 June, the Canberra Centre incorporated the celebration of the IDY into the World Meditation Hour. The particular theme was uniting for peace and harmony.


The Gold Coast Centre celebrated the IDY with two hours of Raja Yoga Meditation from 5.30 to 7.30pm…. connecting to the Source of light and sending light and peace out into the world. The room was lit with golden red light, fairy lights and candle light. There were moments of meditation commentary, silence and gentle music throughout the session.

Some of the other Centres adapted their World Meditation Hour to acknowledge the UN International Day of Yoga.

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