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An eye-opening experience

An eye-opening experience

As a part of the U.N.’s 56th Session of the Commission on the Status of Women, I truly had an eye opening experience. The Commission was composed of a cornucopia of diverse, clever, and independent women-all adding to the overall positive energy of the event. Every woman came with personal stories from her respective country. Through the retelling of experiences, I was able to gain further insight on situations such as widowed women facing poverty, and ostracized individuals whose bodies were being used as tools for war. The goal of addressing these conflicts was to provide awareness and to form a plan of action. Each speaker came equipped with updates on exactly what has, and continues to be done in order to stop conflicts such as those previously mentioned. Throughout the sessions of the day, various strategies were discussed- including providing medical intervention, requesting assistance as well as basic supplies, and most importantly, addressing the basic human rights of every individual. This two week event solely dedicated to women, is a true testament to the overall goal of empowering feminine society, seeking gender equality, and finding genuine personal happiness.

Sunaina Gohil
Youth Representative
New York

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