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Celebrating the Principles of Tolerance and Respect

Interfaith Harmony: Embracing the Other: February 6

The Brahma Kumaris joined in the celebration of World Interfaith Harmony Week by attending an event at the Tillman Chapel, UN Church Center, hosted by the Committee of Religious NGOs at the United Nations.

Section of the audience

It was a dynamic program combining wisdom of many faith traditions with music, prayers, and cultural performances. The event focused on the importance of Interfaith Harmony by emphasizing the use of the principles of tolerance and respect that are deeply rooted in the world’s major religions.

Representatives of many religions graced the afternoon with their presence as they read Prayers from their sacred texts. Meditation, with music, was an integral part of the event that brought everyone into a relaxed state.


The native flute performance, sacred Chinese music and Dunhuang style dance were the highlight of the celebrations. Everyone together sang the song “Stand” to reiterate the commitment to peace, love and joy.

It was also a wonderful time to meet, greet and get to learn more about each other’s faith traditions!


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