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Climate Change Conference – Cop 19

Consciousness and Climate Change — The Critical Connection

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Thanks to the most recent IPCC report, we know now that it is as urgent as ever to stop greenhouse gas emissions in order to avoid dangerous climate change. This challenging task is ahead of us bringing the opportunity for real change.

We also believe it is within the collective will of humanity to co-create a new world. Just as visionaries of the past created the world we have today, we — the visionaries of today — can create a world for future generations tomorrow.

The discussions now are moving from mitigation to preparation, from assigning fault to accepting responsibility, and from growing our economy to increasing our harmony.

We cannot stress strongly enough the need for each person to silently reflect and contemplate on the attitudes and thinking that guide her or his choices and behaviors. It is these — and only these — that have caused our world to become unsustainable. This wise truth is reflected in ancient cultures, and echoed by saints, philosophers, environmentalists, scientists and politicians.

The danger with the Brahma Kumaris’ approach of asking each person to become more internally aware of what guides them in their lives, is that some may falsely see it as a myopic method of addressing a far-reaching problem. Consider a piece of straw – weak on its own but when threaded with one thousand of its kind, adopts a tensile strength that can withstand treacherous winds. Human intention is no less. In fact it is far more. At rest, un-employed, it is weak. Yet, a deep positive intent, backed by clear benevolent actions becomes a creative force, with strength like no other. This kind of consciousness is cultivated through silence and the practice of contemplation, prayer and meditation.

With a broad and clear vision of the world we wish to create, we can create that very world. This is possible if each of us accepts responsibility. As an aware and awake population of people who understand the critical connection between Consciousness and Climate Change, and with support at all levels of society we can restore the best of ourselves. We can change this world and create the ‘Future we Want’.

Brahma Kumaris’ events include:
Thursday 14th November 11.30–12.00 COP19 Press Conference, Room 2, level -2 Sustainability enacted by the Guiding Values of UNFCCC. Speakers; Dr.Nigel crawhall, Executive Committee member of the International Network of Engaged Buddhists (INEB); BK Jayanti Kirpalani, Director Brahma Kumaris, Europe; Joachim Golo Pilz, Dir. Solar Research Institute

Thursday 14th November 18.00–20.00 Związek Nauczycielstwa Polskiego, Smulikowskiego 6/8, Warsaw
Public Event: Living in Harmony – Restoring the Balance in Nature. Guest speaker Sister Jayanti Kirpalani preceded by Duśka Markowska Resich (Author of prize-winning ecological movies in Poland and abroad)

Tuesday 19th November 18.00–20.00 The Meditation Gallery, Smolna 11, lok. 8A, 00-375 Warsaw
Public Event: Consciousness and Climate Change. Guest speaker: Golo Pilz, Director of the Solar Research Institute, Rajasthan, India.

Wednesday 20th November 11.30–13.00, Room Torun COP 19 Side Event: Global Justice, Equity and Sustainability
Climate negotiations are grounded in UNFCCC values, such as equity and cooperation, but are weakened by narrow interests. We consider the crucial role of systemic and holistic thinking and the principles of international law, human rights and inter-generational equity in the transition to a sustainable world.

For information and interviews: Ms. Aneta Loj, +48 -515 769 466,

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