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Creating Cultures of Peace: Art, Music, and Peace Museums

Trusteeship Council, UNHQ, Thursday, February 23

The Department of Public Information, in partnership with the International Network of Museums for Peace, hosted a briefing entitled: Creating Cultures of Peace: Art, Music, and Peace Museums.

I was excited to attend this briefing as art and music contribute largely to establishment of world peace. It was refreshing to listen to stories that lift the spirit, stories that share the message of peace and tolerance. One of the great ways to counteract peacelessness is to do things that generate peace, such as open Peace Museums or listen to great music!

Hague peace palace

Hague Peace Palace

There are already many Peace Museums around the world – Global Peace MuseumDayton Peace Museum, Peace PalaceNobel Peace Center and many more.

Nobel Peace Center: UnknownNumbers

Nobel Peace Center: UnknownNumbers – a 60 meter long art work paying tribute to freedom of speech

Special reference was made to Jazz music, especially that by Duke Ellington. Mr. Michael Dinwiddie, Board Chair, Duke Ellington International Study Society, stated that music opens cultures to embrace each other. Music connects, inspires, and empowers. The briefing was beautifully accented with pieces of Jazz by the Duke! Here’s A sample

Duke Ellington

Duke Ellington

You may watch the briefing here


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