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Cultivating Our Inner Connection: A Space to Regenerate the Self

62nd. Commission on the Status of Women Parallel Event

Brahma Kumaris Office at the United Nations, Thursday, March 15

As a follow up to the parallel event,  Awareness to Action: Nurturing the Seeds of Change, this event aimed at providing a space where women were given an opportunity to experience the fullness of their potential. A space where they can connect with the Source of Positivity and experience being empowered. The serenity and beauty of the space of the Brahma Kumaris was conducive to offering people this ‘inperience’.


About 15 enthusiastic women gathered in a sacred circle and were taken on an inward-looking journey that allowed them to step out of stereotyped thinking, feel themselves in their fullness, and spread their wings!

The women left with smiles of their faces, knowing how to stay connected within, and with the understanding that they can make a difference with just one powerful thought!


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