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DPI/NGO Final Session for this Season

It was a beautiful June 22 morning when the DPI/NGO season wrap-up was held in the ECOSOC Chamber, United Nations Headquarters NY.  The meeting emphasized upon the previous year’s workshops, orientations and the strengthening engagement with DPI associated NGOs.

Jeff Brez, Chief of NGO Relations, Advocacy and Outreach, Department of Public Information, was the moderator who shared the highlights of the past season of DPI/NGO events, annual review stats and the upcoming Intergenerational Dialogues happening this summer. Here’s a synopsis:

  • In the past season, of the 1450 NGO’s are affiliated with DPI, 1791 activities in 64 countries were reported.
  • It was interesting to know that the traditional method of communication which is through newsletters, snail mails, and SMS, was used much more and reached 97 million people compared to modern social media like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn which reached 52 million people!
  • The UN initiatives people participated the most in were the International Days Observances, Commission on Status of Women and the SDG-related events.
  • The highest attended briefing, with about 500 attendees was the: “Focus on Faith: Faith Based Organizations and Refugee Assistance.” A total of 533 youth representatives from 100 countries are present. This is a 108 percent increase from the previous year.

Ms Kim Quarles, Vice Chair of the DPI/NGO Executive Committee and World Jurist Association,  shared about the IMPACT taskforce which is designed to help us. She is involved in the NGO and youth mentoring program which happens annually.

Ms. Jadayah Spencer, Executive Director of the International Youth Leadership Institute and Co-Chair of the DPI/NGO Youth Steering Committee, mentioned various unique ways and methods to create peace, such as the “Peace is” campaign. She is involved in fundraising and budgeting, social media and youth orientation program and stigmas related to refugees.

Ms. Lawri Lala Moore, Senior Editor, Basic Facts about the United Nations, shared about the recent book written by her on creating awareness on SDG’s.

Intergenerational Dialogues - aug. 1, 2017

The latter half of the meeting was focused on the upcoming event, co-organized by DPI NGO Relations and the NGO/DPI Executive Committee entitled, “Intergenerational Dialogues on the SDGs” which is planned to take place on 1 August 2017 at UNHQ. With some discussion and feedback, here are some  suggestions given by participants –

  1. Ensure everybody understand what the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) are all about.
  2. Ensure the voices of people from less privileged backgrounds and vulnerable populations are heard.
  3. Ensure more thematic inclusion and participation of older people and the resources they can offer. E.g. “Grey is Green” movement.
  4. Ensure young people engage in community outreach.
  5. Ensure follow ups in different ways.
  6. Create and provide toolkits to facilitate and maximize cooperation for multiple generations.
  7. Discuss quality of life, sustainable cities, migration, poverty and success stories of people born into poverty. Bridge stories of hope.

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We walked out of the meeting inspired and resourceful to handle SDG’s with a new perspective. It’s important we involve the youth and create various unique ways to deliver the message of SDG’s in the community. Since one of the dialogue groups is talking about “breaking the intergenerational cycle of poverty”, we will come up with the possible methods and tools and challenges to tackle this issue.


Report by Ms. Kinnari Murthy

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