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Holocaust Remembrance: Educating against Extremism, Building a Better Future.

Thursday, January 26 and Friday, Thursday 27

This is always a sober time for all as we collectively spend time to honor survivors to the Holocaust, and remember the victims of that horrific time in history. This year, the focus was on educating the world against extremism. We do not want something like this to repeat. However, this is challenging as there are many who believe that the holocaust never took place.

Educating Against Extremism Poster

Mr. Steven Luckert, PhD, is the Curator of the Permanent Exhibition at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. This exhibition is unique and very educational and informative as it displays the journey of the Nazis from ‘ordinary to power.’

Nazi banner

Nazi Election Campaign

There are many issues and challenges that are faced when work is started to rebuild a country after it had gone through war or any such atrocities. In the case of Germany, training of teachers to deal with students with traumatic experiences was not easy.

I would say that it is never good to inflict pain and suffering on our fellow human being. The satisfaction is always so short lived that it is not worth the effort. Let us hold together with our common values of brotherhood, solidarity, love, acceptance, and positivity.

Holocaust - guitarist

Watch the briefing here

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