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Interfaith Harmony Week

Unity Earth Interfaith Concert, United Palace for Spiritual Arts, NY

The majestic auditorium of the United Palace gradually filled up as the diverse community of Washington Heights and the United Nations NGOs prepare for the Lift off of UnityEarth, in commemorating United Nations World Interfaith Harmony Week.

Entrance/lobby of the Palace

A team of 5 represented the Brahma Kumaris at this gorgeous concert celebrating Interfaith Week., yes this is their website! Awesome right? .earth, instead of .com. Anyway, this gracious host Unity Earth introduced to us a gamut of speakers, from indigenous tribes, to Taoists, even a Yale professor.  All of them with one unifying message, “Heal the Earth!” through forgiveness, balance, harmony, and of course, LOVE.

So many great performances, one of the best organically were the Impact Repertory Theatre, as the teen group sang and danced their hearts out. The best video/live music performance was Bella Gaia. Wow, we could feel our heart reconnecting with the Earth after that. Peace Pledge Project gave the audience some responsibility making us take a pledge to humanity to treat each other much better than we are currently doing. Another inspiring young leader was Lyla Johnston, who instantly made us a part of her indigenous tribe by having us repeat the following words, “I am worthy, I am good, I belong, Welcome to indigenous land,” the audience was moved with how quickly and easily you can be a part of someone’s world. The creativity of David Rothenberg to have Hawaiian whales singing along with his music reminded us how we are supposed to be at one with nature.

Two more noteworthy people were Sister Jenna and Pato Banton. Sister Jenna from America Meditating Radio Show introduced to us Traffic Control, to take one minute in each hour, each day to send good wishes and love to 7 billion people in the planet. The United Palace was completely silent for one minute to do this. The energy was so powerful and amazing that words can’t do justice to describe it. In closing, Paton Banton, who gave a tribute to Bob Marley, had us ‘high-five’ each other, and the whole audience sang about Universal Love. He gave a resilient performance even when his microphone stopped working. Great performances, great speakers, and a great audience, it was all a great way to end this momentous evening.

Cindy Pinilla and Sister Jenna

– written by Cindy Pinilla


Highlights of Unity Earth Event


SPEAKERS: were allowed to speak 3-5 minutes between performances. NICE STYLE


Indigenous Group- Mindahi Bastida-

Bella Gaia- Awesome Earth video w/ live music  BEST

Impact Repertory Theatre- teen group singing & dancing  COOL

Akim Funk Buddha- African music

Mystic Voice w/Tao lady- Chinese music

Kristin Hoffman- Singing – Gets audience to make a pledge  NICE CONCEPT

Lyla June Johnston, indigenous/Hispanic girl- have audience say   BEST

“I am worthy, I am good, I belong, Welcome to indigenous land” won award “I’m here with the attitude of gratitude”Rick Ulfik

David Rothenberg- Whale Music  INTERESTING, CUZ DIFFERENT

Sister Jenna                                         POWERFUL

Take one minute of silence for yourself, breath in, spread good wishes and love the people sitting to your left side, right side, front & back and then imagine spreading that to 7 billion people around the world. At this moment the planet is receiving and feeling those good wishes. Do this one minute in each hour if your not able to do that then at least one minute each day do this as a daily practice.

Pato Banton, closing band    EXCELLENT MUSICAN to carry a crowd

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