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International Day for the Eradication of Poverty

A Path toward Peaceful and Inclusive Societies

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

The Conference Room of the UNHQ was packed as people settled down to listen to what the UN has accomplished in eradicating poverty and what the next steps are.

It was observed that due to a lack of respect for humanity, poverty is on the increase. Governments were encouraged to build together a nation or world of brotherhood, solidarity, and respect for each other. In her closing remarks, Ms. Isabelle Pypaert-Perrin, Director General, International Movement ATD Fourth World, said that Peace is a universal call for all people of all nations.

Watch full event:

Poverty gathering

A Commemoration Stone, a gift from France, was laid on the North Lawn with a moment of reflection and solidarity in Honor of Victims of Extreme Poverty. A message of peace, in the six official languages of the UN, is written around the Stone.

Commenorative Stone Poverty

H.E. Amb. of France to the UN.

H.E. Amb. of France to the UN.

What really touched me was that there were three to four times where we were asked to have silent reflection to assimilate what was shared and to honor those in poverty!

The proceedings were accented with the beautiful music of Mr. Tye Austin on the guitar, and the Lavender Light Choir.

Guitarist Tye Austin

In conclusion, helping to build self-worth of those in poverty, allows them to develop hope and courage to take the required steps to lift themselves above the poverty line.


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