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International Day of Families

The Art of Mindful Bonding,  Friday, May 15, 2020

We are humbled and honored by the participation of our diverse esteemed panelists:

  • Wesley Allen, Pastor, Central Baptist
  • Richard Calabrese, Chief of Police, Cinnaminson
  • Sabita Geer, UN representative, Brahma Kumaris
  • Manisha Patel, President, UNAGP
  • Suzanne Cairns Wells, Mayor, Riverton

Kinnari Murthy, Moderator & MC.

The evening began with a guided meditation commentary which created the “we” consciousness. The MC introduced the theme with a story using an analog of the kite. The bond between the kite and the string is incidental but it’s the bond between the person holding the string and the kite that stabilizes the kite and helps it to fly high. Despite the speed of the wind, it’s this bond that keeps it in the air.  A short-animated video was shown and participants were asked to share in one word what touched their heart as they watched the video. Words such as: ubuntu, caring, love, selflessness, team, together, cooperation.

Kinnari Murthy

The MC then introduced the panelists and invited them to share their thoughts on,

  • What does family mean to them? What does it mean to celebrate the familial bonds?
  • How are we doing as a family?
  • What are the best practices for staying home during challenging times like the current?

All the panelists agree that family transcends the bond of DNA, that it’s a bond of love, care, and commitment. We are global citizens and to hold the vision of brotherhood and sisterhood.

Opening the conversation, Pastor Wesley explained how family does not mean only immediate families but it extends into the world. He also shared that self-sacrifices should not be mistaken for physical abuse but be considered sacrifices for the greater good for our extended families.

Pastor Wesley Allen

Mayor Wells spoke about the significance of quality time with family and keeping up the spirit like watching TV together, cooking and playing with pets in these challenging times. Sometimes, all that’s needed is to be a compassionate listener.

Mayor Suzanne Cairns Wells

Chief Calabrese shared that it’s important to be empathetic, understanding and to have an attitude of gratitude, during these current times while they maintain law and order.

Chief of Police, Richard Calabrese

Manisha Patel reiterated that family extends beyond the four walls of the house. Giving an example of her wedding in India whereby 2000 people attended, as all were considered family.

Manisha Patel

BK Sabita Geer took the conversation a step further by reminding us that we are first ‘family’ to ourselves. We need to take time to nurture our inner being with peace, love and care, to be able to return to that center-point within. Then, as we come into interaction from that space, it’s easier to share the same virtues with all. She also emphasized the necessity of using this time of lockdown to solidify the experience of what ‘family’ means, in other words: to have mindful bonding.  Read her full presentation:

BK Sabita Geer

Sister Dolly, Director of The Meditation Center, shared three things that will enhance the familial bonds – love, respect and friendship. She shared the importance of establishing loving relationship with everyone because we are innately loving. Everyone has a specialty in them, respect each other and be humane. When there is a friendly atmosphere at home then even children would feel comfortable to share and not have a thought to get into wrong company.

The conversation ended with a guided meditation by Sister Dolly. The event was attended by 80 participants.

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