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International Day of Happiness

Happiness at the Center of Government Work, Tuesday, March 20

International Day of Happiness observance at the UNHQ held in the exclusive Delegates Dining Room, brought about 120 representatives from Mission States, NGOs, and private sectors, in roundtable discussions to address various challenges to people living a life of happiness.

BK Sabita represented the Brahma Kumaris at the Round table on Social Wellbeing along with H.E. Ambassador Yerkin Akhinzhanov, Deputy Permanent Representative of Kazakhstan. Highest point for consideration was the understanding that happiness is innate in all human beings and it is absolutely vital that we get back in touch with that. The yardstick for Happiness is success, which is relative to the individual!

Other Round tables included Mental Health and Wellbeing, Positive Education, Work and Wellbeing, Happy Cities, and Happiness Metrics. It was noted that the prime cause of misery in the world is due to lack of mental health!

It was refreshing to hear from the former Permanent Representative of Iraq, H.E. Hamid Al-Bayati, that “real happiness is not about earning more but about spending less and sharing more. Also, women are the largest contributors to happiness. When they are happy, the world is happy!”


I really liked that the organizers appointed a member of a Mission State at each table which allowed for deeper interaction.

The event was co-hosted by the “Global Happiness Coalition:” Costa Rica, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Portugal, Slovenia, and the United Arab Emirates.

Happiest country in the world? FINLAND!!

The event was concluded with the happy song, Happy People, Happy Planet, led by Russell Daisey


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