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International Day of Nonviolence event

Compassionate Nonviolence: A Karuna Response to Coronavirus

The fourth in a series of meditation videos, Compassionate Nonviolence: A Karuna Response to Coronavirus, was launched in honor of the International Day of Nonviolence. This online event was organized by the Brahma Kumaris on Thursday, October 8 where Denise Scotto, ESQ, Chair, International Day of Yoga Committee at the UN and Founder, International Federation of Women in Legal Careers, shared about the history of this day using many interesting stories promoting a Culture of Peace and Nonviolence. She also referenced Mahatma Gandhi and Spotlight Values, a youth initiative focusing on values. A powerful phrase that caught my attention: “People of goodwill and the will to do good around the world as we support each other in the way we live our lives will go far on creating a culture of peace and nonviolence.”

BK Gayatri Naraine, Vice-chair, International Day of Yoga Committee at the UN and UN Representative of the Brahma Kumaris, then took the gathering on a profound journey of what nonviolence is and how its roots in society can blossom into an attitude of gratitude. She referenced the practice of breathing, a natural act, in the awareness of peace and nonviolence, which would impact our physical and mental good health. She stated, “times are calling us to be compassionate and it starts from a simple act as our breath.” You can view the practice on YouTube here:

This was followed by BK Julia Grindon-Welch, a BK representative to the UN,  introducing the meditation series on the “karuna response” and invited the gathering into a virtual UN Meditation Room for a 15 minutes meditation exploring and experiencing compassionate nonviolence.

The event was accented by the serene music of Ayako, a Japanese award-winning violinist.

Watch full event:

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