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International Day of Yoga, Poland


Our main theme is in accordance with the directions received from the BKUN office, which is about Yoga as a Unity. The key slogan that we have chosen is “From Awareness to Action“.
In various ways, we will present Raja Yoga as a way of life, to reconnect with the real self, eternal truth and dignity; to enable connection with God, the Source of peace, love, happiness and power.
And than, as a result of practicing Raja Yoga, we achieve unity with matter and the human family, leading to the new, happy world.

We will be part of the International Yoga Day celebration in Poland, organized by, among others, Embassy of India, Indo Polish Chamber of Commerce and Industry Poland etc. More information can be found on the website:

We hired space in the large tent at the event venue, where from 10.30 to 20.00, the following activities will take place:
1. Introduce Raja Yoga meditation;
2. Introduce activities of Brahma Kumaris and its Meditation Gallery;
3. Present available books, CDs etc;
4. Virtuescope;
5. Present films, videos, meditation commentary;
6. Jola Sloma and Marek Trymbulak will make a presentation of vegan, gluten free cooking;
7. World Peace Meditation Hour at Meditation Gallery.

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