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International Day of Yoga Reports


Nairobi, Kenya

Once again, the Brahma Kumaris played an important role in the organization and execution of the 2nd International Day of Yoga 2016 in Kenya.

Four months prior to the main event, free “Introduction to Yoga” sessions were held in Schools, Corporations, Prisons, Government, Cultural & Spiritual Centres. Approximately 8000 people shared this experience.

In the organization of the event, the Brahma Kumaris facilitated and played a major role in its promotion by means of interviews and adverts in Media houses. They also provided part of the refreshments. Of the 500 volunteers, the Brahma Kumaris made up 25.

Having worked closely with other yoga organisations and partners, a record crowd of 6800 people attended the Main Event on the Nairobi University Convocation Crowds.
The event was also attended by dignitaries including the High Commissioner of India, The Inspector General, the Director General of the United Nations Office, Nairobi, as well as several Cabinet Secretaries.

Co – MC, BK Kiuri, conducted a meditation which gave the experience of the inner self and the peace that lies within. Meditation session was held by Sister Pratiba

The event was a great success drawing the largest number of people practicing Yoga together in Africa. Most in the crowd were experiencing Yoga for the first time and hugely positive reviews were shared and received.

Nairobi on stageNairobi, Kenya


Lusaka, Zambia

There was a combined program of World Peace Meditation Hour and International Day of Yoga held at the local Brahma Kumaris Centre. A few people benefited.

Lusaka Centre Sunday 19 June



Sao Paulo, Brazil

A special programme was hold in the Brahma Kumaris center of Sao Paulo, Brazil, to celebrate the International Day of Yoga – 2016. Ms. Anna Doiliani, coordinator of Brahma Kumaris activities in Lebanon, was there and facilitated some experiments on Raja Yoga meditation to the 120 participants who were present. Ms. Luciana Ferraz, coordinator of Brahma Kumaris in Brazil, also participated helping with the consecutive translation.

BK Anna addressing the gathering

BK Anna addressing the gathering





Mississauga, Toronto

The International Day of Yoga was celebrated in Toronto, Canada on June 18, 2016 in the Cities of Mississauga and Brampton, in the Greater Toronto Area.

The Mississauga Yoga Day celebration was in collaboration with the Mississauga Waterfront Festival. The Chairperson, Ajit Khanna; and Committee Members, Anu Srivastava of Panorama and Dr. Bhalla, provided a platform for the Brahma Kumaris to make a presentation on Raja Yoga Meditation. A 25-minute presentation was offered comprising of an introduction to the Brahma Kumaris, a message for the celebration, introduction to meditation, guided meditation commentary and the Om Shanti (peace) song. A group of 13 Yogis demonstrated Raja Yoga Meditation on the stage in front of a very attentive audience who had an experience of peace and relaxation. There was also a Booth where many people received more information and some even registered for the meditation course. The Wheel of Virtues was a huge attraction.
The Special Guests included the Indian Consul General of Toronto, Hon. Mr. Dinesh Bhatia and the Mayor of Mississauga, Hon. Miss Bonnie Crombie. The Consul General was very happy to meet the BKs and showed interest to remain in touch and to visit the Centre. Mayor Bonnie Crombie visited the booth and spun the wheel of virtues. She expressed her appreciation of the work of the Brahma Kumaris.

Indian Consul-general, BKs. Shobna, Savi, and Balwant

Indian Consul-general, BKs. Shobna, Savi, and Balwant

Mayor of Mississauga being presented a gift by BK Savi

Mayor of Mississauga, Hon. Bonnie Crombie, being presented a gift by BK Savi

Brampton, Toronto

The Brampton celebration was a whole day event held at the Brampton Soccer Centre. Hundreds of people came throughout the day. Mr. Fateh and Anju Malhotra of the Art of Living Centre organized this Program. The Brahma Kumaris presentation was similar to the Mississauga presentation. This too was a great success and many came forward thanking the team for enabling them to have an experience of meditation. The Mayor of Brampton, Hon. Linda Jeffrey and two members of Parliament, Hon. Sonia Sidhu and Hon. Ruby Sahota, who were in attendance visited the booth. It was a great opportunity to meet them for the first time since the last elections and get acquainted.
BK Balwant of London was part of the team of 50, all of whom worked tirelessly.

BK Sisters with Hon. Sonia Sidhu -member of parliament

BK Sisters with Hon. Sonia Sidhu -member of parliament

Mayor of Brampton, Hon. Linda Jeffey and BKs Ankur, Prakash, Jarvish, Shweta and Veena

Mayor of Brampton, Hon. Linda Jeffey and BKs Ankur, Prakash, Jarvish, Shweta and Veena


Los Angeles, California

The Hollywood Meditation Groups of the Brahma Kumaris celebrated INTERNATIONAL DAY OF YOGA on Tuesday, June 21, at the Hollywood Library with 5 local yogis giving short demonstrations of various types of yoga to the 43 in attendance. The morning began with a brilliant explanation by Yogi Kevin Love of awareness and attention and its importance in Raja Yoga for living in the now. This was followed by Halima Gibson, (Halima’s Healing Haven: Sufi Master Teacher/Healer Medical QiGong Practitioner) sharing on the importance of breathing consciously for balancing the body, as she conducted her Qi Gong session. Lisa Rodriguez (yogi) and Loni Duek (Soulistics Studio Owner–Reiki Master and Yogi) shared the importance of Hatha Yoga in our lives and led the group in some postures. The morning concluded with Goddess (Hollywood Laughter Yoga Circles, TY Park & South Ocean Drive) leading the participants in rounds of Laughter Yoga and a beautiful unifying meditation…..
It was a very memorable morning. Even though each facilitator could have demonstrated for a full hour, but instead, offered a “taste” yet it seemed that no one wanted to leave the “yummy” energy in the room after the closing song. Etta Stevens, the class instructor, and Roz Reich, the organizer, were so moved by the expertise and collaboration of our local spiritual masters helping to turn Hollywood into ‘Holywood!’


Shenton Park, Perth
A small group of 10 gathered to demonstrate practical Raja Yoga by sharing feelings of peace and care to world for one hour. International Day of Yoga banners were displayed to sensitize the public.

The Indian Consulate worked really hard to promote this in Perth and contacted all yoga groups to come together. There was a big celebration at the Ascot Racecourse during the day​​ and many people participated. It was really good to see the ancient art of yoga reach out to the modern lifestyle and got embraced.

Padbury, Perth

We had lovely celebration on this day with powerful Meditation with 17 participants for one hour. Peaceful and serene energy filled the room leaving a wave of deep silence. A member of the Yoga Day organizing team and Director of Australian Swan Pty Ltd and Avenews Magazine joined the meditation, and shared his experience with his team as well as the Indian Consulate: “Last night I attended Brahmakumaris Yoga celebration, it was such an amazing experience I had, as I came out of the event, felt like the soul was rinsed. Thank you…..”


New Zealand


A few hundred attendees filled the hall of the Vodafone Event Centre on June 19, 2016 to honour the Second International Day of Yoga.

BK Jim gave a brief and insightful talk followed by a 15 minutes meditation video highlighting the connection with the inner self, the Source, and World Peace.

The powerful impact of the meditation, sharing peace to the world, and yog asanas had the audience captivated, and in silence. The whole gathering was quite receptive.
Informational material and reflection cards were distributed. There was also the opportunity to network with other organizations.

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International Yoga Day was celebrated on Tuesday evening at the Lower Hutt Brahma Kumaris Centre with a programme of guided meditation from 7:00 to 8:30 pm. Many regular meditators and a few who
were new to meditation were the attendees.

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