Emerging Your Essence

Given that in our current society, our main mode of communication, artistry, creativity and expression is through media, we thought it would be apt for your journey to be experienced through these various media pieces. Through songs, commercials, short movie clips from all part of the world—our hope is to recreate for you this beautiful, unlimited flow of energy, which embodies true yoga. Imagine a seamless, flowing movement from upwards to inwards to outwards—from the Source to the self to the world. The seed of a rose needs to be watered, nourished and sustained by the rain from up above, in order to finally grow into a beautiful flower, and then when in bloom, reveals its unlimited fragrance unexclusively to all. Similarly, to experience true Yoga, we are unlimitedly filled with and showered by the grace, virtues, and inner power from our Divine Source. With the filling of these treasures, we are able to turn inwards and reunite with and operate from our true essence. This inner union allows us to selflessly share with the world, through our thoughts, words and actions.

To start your journey, please click on each essence quality. Following the media clips, we offer some “points” of light as well as daily practices that you may use.

One overall practice that can very easily be implemented throughout the day is “traffic control.” Just as the signals on the road regulate the movement and traffic of vehicles, we can very easily apply the stop signal to the traffic of our thoughts. It takes just one minute. The mind is lika sponge and it listens to every thought that we feed it. It is important that we take care of every thought that we create. They are the seeds that create and color our words, our emotions, our relationships, and our actions. Through yoga, we are empowering ourselves by being a master creator of our thoughts. We are all attached to your cell phones and use them for just about everything—now use it to help you progress on your yogi journey. Set an alarm for ONE MINUTE every few hours, where you stop what you are doing, and just take that moment to RESET and CONNECT to that deep silent space within yourself. For that one minute, forget all the moments of the past, leave your anticipation of the future, be in this moment. Experience a certain quality—patience, tolerance, peace, joy. Connect to the source. Regain strength and courage. Remember your purpose. This moment is for you. The cumulative energizing power of these tiny moments are filled with immense treasures.

We invite you to share any comments or other media clips that you may have as through this dialogue and sharing, we will help each other grow and connect.

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