Collectivity – Community – Cooperation

Points of Light:

CollectivityDid you realize that human beings are all cooperative at their most basic level? We–humans, animals and nature– are all genetically wired for universality and connection. It’s in our DNA. However, when we forget this very basic truth, the dysfunction starts to happen. We start competing with each other for resources, wealth, power and fame. All things in nature cooperate with each other unconditionally and offer what is needed at the time. In order for fruits and flowers to grow, the appropriate balance of sunlight, rain, and fertile soil are needed. It is orchestrated without one asking the other. Similarly, it is essential to recognize the need of the time and silently offer our services and talents so that things flow towards to the natural order of the universe.

Daily Practice for Self Growth and Social Impact:

  • Freely offer your help and ideas to others.
  • When you disagree with someone, do it peacefully and respectfully, knowing that everyone’s point of view should be valued.
  • Recognize that everyone has his or her individual talents, and when I am able to connect with them, we can work together to complete the task.


Meditation: Connecting to the Ocean of Cooperation-Recognizing the speciality of each individual

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