Creativity – Knowledge – Pure Attention

Points of Light:

Sometimes we hold back, waiting for the right situation, the right time to use our gifts and our talents. Each of us has the power to turn ordinary moments into memorable ones. That same creativity that we apply to advance society and technology, should also be applied to understanding ourselves and others.

Daily Practice for Self Growth and Social Impact:

Know your real self. Know your truth. Think, feel, speak and act from your essence.

When explaining a particular idea to someone, feel the pulse of the individual. Understand where they are coming from. Be creative in which method you use to make an impact. Everyone that comes in contact with you should leave with a gift—whether it be a smile, an inspiring and uplifting thought, strength. When you are in touch with your truth and pure creativity, that inner voice will guide you as to what is the need of the time, for that individual.

Meditation: Connecting to our Truth:

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