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International Day of Youth event

Youth Aspiration: The Future From Within

On August 15th, 2023, the International Day of Yoga Committee at the UN hosted a captivating event in celebration of the International Day of Youth. Centered around the powerful A.C.T philosophy – Awareness, Contemplation, and Transformation – this gathering showcased the remarkable stories of young individuals from different corners of the world.

A.C.T, a guiding mantra for the event, underscored how the youth harnessed awareness, contemplation, and transformation to reshape their attitudes and lives. Through poignant narratives, participants shared personal triumphs, illustrating how A.C.T had empowered them to overcome challenges and embrace growth. 

A: Awareness – Dive into thoughts, understand their origins, and connect consciously with your inner world for self-discovery.

C: Contemplation – Explore shifts in awareness, gain profound insights in silence, and weave the fabric of interconnectedness.

T: Transformation – Turn nurtured thoughts into purposeful action, embody change, and create positive ripples in the world.

Before encountering this insightful concept, our journey commenced with a warm welcome from BK Claudia Eisinger, representing the host, setting the tone for the evening. BK Muralindran Mariappan, coordinator of the youth activities from the Brahma Kumaris Office for the United Nations, then took center stage explaining how the youths developed the concept and used it and they will then share their experiences and he also introduced his dedicated youth team. The youths represented by BK Sanyukta Paddy, aka Yuki (USA), Amrit Chandrasekaran (USA), and Maria Paula Cervera (Colombia) delved into the A.C.T concept, illustrating its steps through their own experiences. Although BK Yuji Ichimaru (Japan) couldn’t be present live as he was attending the Harvard Model UN in Bangalore, he sent a inspiring video sharing his transformative journey alongside his exquisite violin performance, symbolizing the ups and downs he had to endure to bring transformation. Personal narratives from Yuki, Amrit, and Maria  infused the audience with hope, spanning tales of building self-esteem, reshaping learning mindsets, and breaking free from life’s burdens and negativity – each narrative an enchanting captivation.

A highlight was the integration of Yogic Silence, which deepened the transformational journey. Yogic Silence’s introspective practice amplified the impact of A.C.T. The youth team created and guided a meditative, silent reflection to tap into inner clarity and unlock untapped potential. Following that, the audience was given an opportunity to receive a blessing. From five various and unique virtues, each person was asked to pick one virtue for which they received their blessing according to that virtue.

This event served as a global platform, uniting diverse voices of youth in a chorus of empowerment. It showcased the fusion of contemporary strategies and timeless wisdom, igniting a movement towards self-realization and personal empowerment. 

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