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International Women’s Day Celebrations, UNHQ

Trusteeship Council, Wednesday, March 8, 2017

IWD 2017

The lines for security were long as hundreds of women, girls, and school children, plus a large male representation, made their way to the United Nations General Assembly building to honor and share in the celebrations of the International Women’s Day under the theme, “Women in the Changing World of Work: Planet 50-50 by 2030”. Many of these women chose to show their solidarity by wearing red!

The vivacious singing of Ms. Jayne Brown opened the celebrations. The morning continued with two panels, both moderated by famous news anchor, Ms. Sade Baderinwa of ABC news.  The first was a high level panel including diplomats and UN Women’s Global Goodwill Ambassador, actress Ms. Anne Hathaway. She raised the issue of paid parenthood and asked a couple of heart-stirring questions: “how many of us saw enough of our Dads growing up? How many of you Dads saw enough of your children as they grow up?” She reiterated that many fathers would like to work for less if it means spending more time with their children. It is this that gives support to women and mothers in their role of nurturing their children. Listen more here

Anne Hathaway at IWD (UN photo Rick Bajornas)

The second panel was an interview with executives from various social media companies – Ms. Alexandria Walden, Public Policy and Government Relations Counsel, Google; Ms. Nicole Issac, Head of US Policy, LinkedIn; Ms. Anita Roth, Global Head of Policy Research, Air BnB; Ms. Martha Chen, Professor, Harvard University and Founder, WIEGO; Mr. Quentin Walcott, Co-executive Director, CONNECT. Very direct questions were asked by the moderator to these highly talented professionals regarding the role of women in their respective companies, and how they see their companies working to promote gender equality, in the broad sense. Emphasis was also placed on the role of media in educating, not only women and girls, but men and boys too, as to the responsibility of society in building inner capacities and creating safe spaces for their empowerment. You are invited to watch the full program here: Enjoy

It was quite an inspiring program that made me realize, more and more, the vast importance of treating each one as a human being. Social norms need to be re-looked at with the understanding that each one is born equal and free! The world will be a more beautiful place when we can balance our energies – masculine and feminine – by respecting each other and working together, collectively, towards one common cause, a gender equal, safe and secure world!

Jayna Brown performs at the opening of IWD 2017 (UN photo Rick Bajornas)

Jayna Brown performs at the opening of IWD 2017 (UN photo Rick Bajornas)

The celebrations concluded with the grand performance of a group of Broadway singers singing to the UN Women’s anthem, One Woman. You may watch the launch of this song in 2013 here.

An exhibition in the UN lobby told HerStory: A Celebration of Leading Women in the United Nations.


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