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International Youth Day 2017 Youth Building Peace

UNHQ, NY Friday, August 11, 2017

It’s always a treat to be part of the Youth Celebration as they bring a vibrant energy that shifts and lifts the moods of all present. This year was no different. The theme for this year’s observance was ‘Youth Building Peace’ in which there were two panel discussions on ‘Youth-led Peacebuilding and Violent Prevention’ and ‘Youth Sustaining Peace and Reconciliation.’

Youth Panelists

Youth Panelists

Many stories were shared about the work of various organizations in empowering youths and bringing them onboard to help in uplifting their peers. However, it was noted that more emphasis was placed on looking at the self in a deeper way – focusing on what really matters and what difference can one make, starting with the self. Ideas such as, ‘let me start with the understanding that the language of peace is the same for everyone,’ ‘stand up, look around, I can do anything I want. It starts with me,’ ‘now is the time, let me dream big, have hope and faith and be honest,’ ‘it’s all about unconditional love, just do it. This is the greatest service,’ ‘what about my life that bothers me?  Is there something I would like to do to change it?’

Tito violin

Mr. Tito Angulo, serving through music

One can only give what one has accumulated within oneself. So, if we want youth to help in peace building, we need to provide them with tools that can awaken the experience of peace and tolerance within. Storytelling is a powerful tool in facilitating this. As Mr. Mohsin Mohi-Ud-Din, Director of Storytelling Innovation, noted, storytelling is a great communication skill that connects ‘me’ to ‘we’. These are the stories that bring change and give the permission to dream loud, cross fear and break walls.

Many of the youth organizations are looking for partnerships as this is one of the easiest ways to make a difference in the shortest time. Let us support them and help create the world we all want.

Mr. Tito Angulo and BK Sabita - Youth Day 2017

The Brahma Kumaris had a representation of 6.

Enjoy the full event here

Message from SG and Youth Envoy

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