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Israeli Women’s Leadership Forum and the Values Caucus at the UN

Bahai’s Office, Tuesday, November 22

A vibrant group of 30 Israeli women, representing the Israeli Women’s Leadership Forum (IWLF), had an engaging discussion with other influential women representing various NGOs – Values Caucus at the UN, Commission on the Status of Women, Bahai’s International, WINWIN, International Federation of Women Lawyers. The women shared the wonderful work their organization is doing in the community to uplift and empower women and girls.


The IWLF was established in 2011 by outstanding professional women with the aim of creating change in the Israeli society and promoting active leadership by women. Their visit to the US included exploring the role spirituality plays in the overall empowerment of the human person.

Bringing about more harmony and peace, not just Peace One Day but Peace 365, and adopting the Human Rights Declaration were some common interest areas that were mentioned. Ms. Heli Freidman , Founder and Chair of IWLF, stated in her closing remarks, “we are interested in forming a parliament as a friendly organization in the world in order to encourage our government to listen to the voices calling for peace, and as a group who represents all layers of the population. As a leading group in the Israeli society, we believe that cooperation will make our dream become a reality.”


When the heart is playing a lead role, values such as harmony, acceptance, tolerance, and peace are highlighted. The road to success may be rough at the beginning, but with perseverance, one can reach one’s desired destination. With the spiritual empowerment these women experienced while here in New York, I am sure they will do wonders for themselves, their families, colleagues, and country at large. Our support is with these women for their success!


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