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#joinTogether: Developing a Positive Attitude Towards Migration”

DPI NGO Chat Series, Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Migrants 2

Co-organized with the Gandhi Global Family, this chat series was very inspiring as youths shared the great things they are doing, via their university, to help migrants adapt to their new life. Some examples include helping them prepare for job interviews, learning their language so communication is clear and migrants feel understood.

Some of keys points mentioned were to emphasize that migrants are humans just like us, and it’s politics that played a major role is forcing people to leave their countries.

Let us show our humaneness and offer compassion, acceptance, and willingness to give someone a chance to make a life for themselves. Migrants can contribute to the development of communities. Getting their stories heard go a long way to helping them regain their sense of self.

Migrants 1

These can only be achieved with collective effort. Will you be a part of the collective energy?

You may wish to join the Together campaign and share your stories of solidarity and social inclusion of refugees and migrants on this Medium Page

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