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Looking Back, Looking Forward

A Town Hall Meeting on the Upcoming UN DPI/NGO Conference

Thursday, February 15, Conference Room 3, UNHQ, NY

As an NGO participating in many previous conferences organized by the United Nations Department of Public Information (DPI), it was with great anticipation that I attended this meeting. Many friends were present, including a few on the dias. All were looking forward to listening to and sharing relevant information with the hope of bringing out the best from each NGO which in turn, will create the shift needed for world benefit.

Moderated by Mr. Jeff Brez, Chief of the NGO Relations, Advocacy and Special Events in DPI, the panel consisted of Chairs of past conferences – Mr. Bruce Knotts, Chair of the NGO Executive Committee; Ms. Saphira Rameshfar, UN Representative of the Bahai’s International Community to the UN; Ms. Shamina de Gonzaga, Executive director of World Council of Peoples for the UN.

Townhall Panel of Speakers

Many issues were brought to the surface that are fundamental in planning a conference – funding, location/venue, themes and content, inclusivity, and advocacy, to name a few.

Some important questions were raised:

  • how valuable is the conference to me?
  • what outcome do we want?
  • what’s the best process to use that would bring the most productivity?

Other areas of concern were:

  • scheduling of dates as it was noted that the last one was held during opening of semesters.
  • intergenerational sessions
  • regular briefings to keep all in sync with ongoing developments
  • inclusiveness as a priority
  • wellness centers/spaces are necessary

The 2-day conference will be held in late August, 2018, at the UNHQ in New York.

Carl Murrell and BK Sabita at the Townhall Meeting

Carl Murrell and BK Sabita at the Townhall Meeting

Everyone were encouraged to complete the conference survey online and submit it.

It is hoped that lessons learned from the past will be used as stepping stones for a more productive conference this year.



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