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Love for God, Love thy neighbor: A heart-to-heart conversation

Friday, January 28 @ 2pm EST. 

A group of deep thinkers on spirituality gathered on zoom to have a heart-to-heart conversation on the topic, “Love for God, Love thy neighbor” to mark the UN World Interfaith Harmony Week which is observed annually during the first week of February.

Two sets of panelists shared their personal experience of what the topic meant to them and supported that through stories of their spiritual journey. After a warm welcome and setting the context by BK Gayatri Naraine, main representative of the BKs at the UN and Vice-chair of IDY Committee, the discussion was deftly moderated by Judy Rodgers and included questions and comments from youth respondents who added to the richness and flavor of the overall experience.

The experience of the panelists is published in a number of articles in the e-magazine, Light on Light special edition for the International Day of Yoga Committee at the UN. Click here to read:


BK Charlie Hogg, National Coordinator of activities of the Brahma Kumaris, Australia.

BK Erik Larson, Brahma Kumaris representative at the UN.

Ms. Jacqueline Cambata, social entrepreneur and founder, Cambata Designs, LLC.

BK Kala Iyengar, Coordinator of activities, Peace Village Learning & Retreat Center, NY

BK Dipti Narine, Coordinator, BK activities, Johannesburg, S. Africa

BK Sharona Stillerman, Coordinator of BK activities, Israel, holds a MA in Adult Education.


Rosleny Ubinas, Youth representative of the National Spiritual Assembly of the Bahai’s of the UN, NY.

Jonathan Riopel, Author, Success has no Age, founder of Liberta Coaching, Montreal.

Rahul Iyengar, student, NYU Stern School of Business

Praha Lamisa, social worker and community organizer

Watch full event on BK UN YouTube:

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