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Love of the Good & Love of the Neighbor

Parallel Event

World Interfaith Harmony Week

Thursday, February 4, 2016


The Shinnyo Center for Meditation and Well-Being and the International Day of Yoga Committee co-sponsored a parallel event to celebrate World Interfaith Harmony Week.

It was held in serene and peaceful atmosphere of the meditation room at the Shinnyo Center.

Shinnyo Center

During the evening, representatives of various faith traditions explored the underlying Principle of Love that unifies and creates harmony within and amongst us. Sr. Gayatri, of the Brahma Kumaris, opened the discussion by sharing how true love is the way for transformation.  She created a ripple in the gathering when she said if we want to bring about a transformation where we see harmony among religions,  we need to LOVE. The sharing of the 15 – 20 present brought us all to a beautiful place of acceptance, unconditional love, and togetherness. There was the experience of love being the unifying principle within ourselves and within our group, opening our hearts, touching our shared humanity from which something greater seemed to emerge.

The evening concluded with Qalvy Grainzvolt, head of Shinnyo-en’s Youth Association activities across North and South America, leading us into meditation.  We all left the room carrying with us the deep feelings of oneness, authenticity with the self,  love from the heart and respect for each global citizen.

This kind of energy can bring a shift in the consciousness of humanity. A change in vision, resulting from the attitude of brotherly love for our neighbor can transform our common future.




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