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A Grass-roots Approach to Education for All

November 10, 2016

Department of Public Information and Lehigh University College of Education co-hosted an insightful and meaningful panel discussion. The speakers were informative, providing the essence of what is being done at the grassroot level, and leaving enough time for a healthy question-answer session with the NGO representatives present.

Speakers included, Moderator Dr. Alexander Wiseman, Associate Professor of Comparative and International Education at Lehigh University; Anwar Sayed, Dayemi Foundation; Dr. Lisa Damaschke-Deitrick, Professor of Practice, Comparative and International Education Program at Lehigh University; Taylor Viens, Caring for Cambodia; and Ms. Jadayah Spencer, Acting Executive Director, International Youth Leadership Institute.


It was heartwarming to hear the elaborate work that is being done in various countries to ensure equal opportunities for education at the grassroots level. This included access to education, counseling where necessary, and job placements when the students finish their schooling, whether formal or informal. The target included children and young people, refugees, the poor, and school ‘drop-outs’.

Focus was also on train-the-teacher programs especially in the areas of dealing with trauma and cultural differences. This made it easier for teachers working with refugee children and young people.

It was noted the importance of listening to the areas of interests and preferences of the young people so that the best opportunities can be provided, be it vocational schooling and/or employment.

What worked in many cases was to help the young people resolve their own issues. This empowerment motivated them to step up to facing the challenges, making them into leaders in their own field. What was observed was not to go too much into social issues and cultural differences but to ‘stoke the fire’ that is, focus on their interest areas.

You are welcome to listen to the full discussion here

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