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Observing UN International Days by Radio Madhuban in India

Child Labor Day  

Child Labor Day

Radio Madhuban 90.4 FM celebrated the World Day against Child Labour on 12th June in Abu Road, Rajasthan to sensitize the local community about the damaging impacts of child labour. Our team wrote the screenplay of a street show and trained 10 student volunteers from local schools in acting, dialogue delivery and presentation skills.

The street show, titled ‘Addu’s Story’, was about the deplorable condition of an 11 year old boy Addu who works as a helper at a grocery store. Using simple props, students performed exceedingly well and portrayed Addu’s story in a way that brought to life the emotion and suffering of Addu. The also play highlighted legal ramifications on employers of child labourers. The play gave a message to the audience to promote education.

The team performed this show at 6 different locations including a boy’s camp in Abu Road and the Shintivan Complex of Brahma Kumaris where tourists gathered in large numbers to watch the show. The spectators assembled instantly to watch the team perform. Some tourists were so moved by the play that they shared that they also have young kids doing odd jobs at their homes and have now decided to help them to study. Members of local community also voiced their opinions about child labour and remarked that they should collectively work towards eradicating this problem.

The young RJs at Radio Madhuban also produced a 25 minutes radio show “Pathshala” detailing the consequences and solutions for child labour. Many listeners called in to share their feedback and appreciate the efforts of the team. You may view photos here

No Tobacco Day

No Tobacco Day

Radio Madhuban 90.4 FM organized a community event on World No Tobacco day in Pipaliya Phali in Mordu village in Abu, Rajasthan. Our volunteers informed the villagers about the importance of the day and about its global observance.

The team encouraged participants to share their opinions on, and experiences with, tobacco abuse. Mitharam, a farmer, shared how he was addicted to tobacco and one day, after chewing tobacco for the whole night, he realised its harmful effects and decided to give it up. A lady also shared that she does not have any addictions and feels very odd when someone around her uses drugs, alcohol or tobacco or even smokes. She added that her father in-law is addicted to tobacco and alcohol and this makes her very uncomfortable. The audience saw a short play on a laptop that showcased how tobacco abuse damages families. Members of the local community who attended the program were convinced about the ill-effects of tobacco and pledged to guide their children about this issue. The discussion inspired many to lead a better life.

Our RJs went live on air for 2 hours to discuss the issue with the community. Listeners called in large numbers to share their experiences and success stories of quitting tobacco. Young RJs at Radio Madhuban produced a classroom lecture on the topic that was broadcast to bring about awareness among the listeners.  View photos here

World Day for Cultural Diversity

Cultural Diversity

On May 21st 2017, Radio Madhuban set out to recognize and promote cultural diversity in the tribal region of Abu, Rajasthan by organizing a variety of activities and through innovative use of media and Information and Communications Technologies.

Abu has a rich heritage and its cultural past is sustained in the tribal traditions even today. The different tribes in Abu have very unique customs, food, festivals, folklore, music and dances that add a kaleidoscopic feature to the region. On the World Day for Cultural Diversity, Radio Madhuban not only recognized this local diversity but also spread awareness about the overwhelmingly diverse cultures of India.

40 tribal women participated in an event organized in Khadat Panchayat in Mata Devi village. They recorded their traditional songs, stories and information about their culture and customs which were broadcast on radio. Participating women shared their concerns about the community and its development. Everyone danced to the tunes on local music at the end.

The young RJs at Radio Madhuban produced a classroom lecture which contained information about different cultures of India. A group of young individuals from Abu Road prepared a song celebrating the richness of Indian culture and gave the message of unity in diversity. Throughout the day, RJs talked about different aspects of Indian culture and encouraged inclusive growth and a feeling of brotherhood in the listeners. Listeners called in to share information about their cultures, festivals, music etc. View photos here

Report prepared by BK Raghav Chawla for Radio Madhuban

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