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Oral Statement of the Brahma Kumaris at the 61st Session for the Commission on Social Development

The Brahma Kumaris submitted an oral statement for the 61st Session for the Commission on Social Development. This was approved and read out during the 12th plenary on Monday, February 13, 2023 in Conference Room 4 in United Nations Headquarters, NYC.

Here is the statement:

“Dignity emerges from the intrinsic values of peace, love, wisdom, and truth, which exist within every person. Connecting to the dignity in decent work is a powerful entry point  as we try to right the wrongs in the world of work. This awareness gives individuals and the system strength and hope to overcome poverty, gender, economic, and social inequality.

The ILO’s Global Call to Action for a Human-Centered Recovery includes inclusivity, sustainability, and resilience. These social values are spiritual principles. Work is a human activity that draws on various dimensions of a person’s worth, skills, and talents. The right to dignity of work is one of the most fundamental expressions of human worth. With decent work, dignity is experienced in the workplace, in the home, and community. As a result, the individual is empowered, develops self-respect, and most importantly, feels respected by the system.

During the pandemic, people lost their jobs, making it difficult for young people entering the workforce to find jobs. Schools shut down. They felt disheartened and hopeless.

In India, many recovery programs were developed, an example we would like to share. In the state of Andhra Pradesh, a program called “Prepare” was launched in villages in the Krishna District where unemployed young women were hired to coordinate a virtual school for underprivileged students, the majority being girls. These programs created jobs and learning opportunities; but they accomplished more.

Volunteers demonstrated a generosity of spirit in being inclusive and empathy as they donated their time and resources to teach. It created a sense of empowerment where the coordinators facilitated the process not just so the students could learn English and Science, Technology, Engineering, Math (STEM), but also helped in the re-emergence of values of respect, worth, confidence. The recognition of the inner potential served to sustain engagement and optimism, and the emergence of hidden leadership qualities.

These spiritual values were critical to the program’s success. Students were reminded of their value not only because of what they accomplished but because of the resilience they developed through the program which hopefully will impact them in their adult lives.

When honoring the dignity of individuals and their talents in the workplace, we empower them to reach their fullest potential, bringing benefit to everyone.”

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