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Peace Day events

World famous  Crocker Art Museum, CA, USA, September 21, 2022

On the 21 st of September 2022, a real celebration of peace filled the hearts of participants of the 41 st United Nations International Day of Peace at the Crocker Art Museum, Sacramento, California USA.

The theme of the event was to collectively raise consciousness and manifest peace.

The program was held in the new art museum building in the midst of inspirational images for the transcendental exhibition entitled “Another World.”

Guest speakers included:

  • Stacy Shelnut-Hendrick Director of Education, Crocker Art Museum
  • Scott Shields, Chief Curator, Associate Director of the Crocker Art Museum
  • Dr. Kristie Haggin, Guided Meditation
  • Davis Meditation, Mantra Meditation
  • Rhony Bhopla, Sacramento Poetry Center, Poem for Peace

BK Hansa introduced the gathering to the original  spiritual significance of the chant “Om” and “Shanti”, the Ancient Indian wisdom in Sanskrit  and ways this magic mantra could bring benefit to the self and others if used throughout the day. A brief introduction to the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University was given and the history of the organization’s participation with the United Nations was shared. Reflection cards were distributed.

Many new contacts were made. The program was well attended by all main stream  as well as appreciated by the participants.


Brahma Kumaris, Phillipines


Brahma Kumaris Philippines celebrated the UN International Day of Peace on September
24, 2022 with a special online program, “Bridges of Inclusivity and Peace.”

Guest speakers BK Sr. Gopi Patel and Ms. Irene “Inday” Santiago, local and international
practitioner and adviser on peacebuilding and gender equity, focused on inner peace
and the pillars of peace, respectively, that are essential to be sustained in the midst of
the discrimination and violence happening globally. With the theme, “End Racisim, Build
Peace” for the International Day of Peace 2022, Ms. Santiago shared how increasing
connectors and decreasing dividers is a key factor in building inclusivity and positive
peace. BK Sr Gopi Patel stressed on the significance of keeping our peace “b-o-m-b”
(balance, objectivity, mental refreshment, and a sense of beauty and hope” constantly

The participants enjoyed the experience of silence and reflection with violin music from BK Ayako and a song rendition of “If We hold on Together” from BK Tina Diaz and her daughter, Tanya. BK Rajni Daulatram, National Coordinator for Philippines and Japan led everyone to an inspiring meditation on peace to cap the program.

Several participants were contacts and previous participants of BK Philippines programs. Two of them were Ms. Lenlen Mesina of UN Women Philippines and Ms. Grace Rebollos, a President of a university. E-Blessings were given at the end of the program and
one of them is: “The world is peaceless. Only when you truly adopt your original religion of peace, can you hope to bring peace to the world.”

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