Spiritual Context:

At the core of the Brahma Kumaris’ work is the understanding of the connection among awareness, attitude, vision, action, and world. All real change – big changes in the world and small changes in a single life – occurs as a sequence of subtle shifts, beginning with a change in awareness. A change in awareness precipitates a change in attitude; one’s attitude colors one’s vision; when we see the world in a new way, we can no longer take the same action we would have taken before; and our new actions generate a new world. So the subtle sequence for all real change is awareness, attitude, vision, action, the world. This subtle sequence is referred to as a “spiritual trajectory.”

This spiritual trajectory is values-neutral. The way one chooses to apply this, however, can have either positive or negative outcomes. Whether the global future is bright or dark, or whether the path is filled with misery or hope, depends on individual or collective choice. This spiritual trajectory is the vital force that influences whether we move towards a socially, ecologically, and spiritually satisfying future or whether we move into further violence, poverty, and environmental degradation.

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