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Radio Madhuban Celebrates UN International Days

International Day of Yoga

Yoga 7

Radio Madhuban 90.4 FM team celebrated the International Day of Yoga with students and staff of the Government Primary School in Nichlafali, Abu Road. The team organized a 3 hour Yoga and exercise workshop for the students, teachers and staff of the school. While sharing about the significance of Yoga and its integral presence in the ancient Indian traditions, the team also discussed about the numerous benefits of Yoga in modern life.

Over 100 students were taught various Yoga postures including the Mountain pose, Standing Forward Fold Pose, Triangle Pose, Bound Angle Pose, etc. Students were also taught breath control or Pranayam, Anulom Vilom and general exercise for the neck, legs and waist. Students showed keen interest in learning Yoga and everyone thoroughly enjoyed the exercise workshop.

Yoga 6

Moreover, team Radio Madhuban also introduced the participants to the concept of RajYoga and engaged everyone in a 5 minute meditation session. Principal Ms Janki Vasvani also remarked that she practices RajYoga and encouraged all students to learn meditation in order to improve concentration and enhance mental abilities.

Apart from this, a special 2 hour live program was broadcast on radio to spread awareness about the importance and benefits of Yoga among the listeners. The inaugural remarks of the Yoga Day function presided over by Prime Minster Narendra Modi was also broadcast live from Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. Young RJs at Radio Madhuban produced a special 25 minute short play highlighting important information about Yoga. One minute commentary capsules were also broadcast every hour throughout the day to help listeners relax and rejuvenate. See photos here

Father’s Day

Father's Day

On this 18th June, Radio Madhuban studios were coloured in the spirit and joy of celebrating Father’s Day. Production Head Sister Krishnaveni encouraged all the young RJs to write letters to their fathers and express their love and gratitude. Chidren wrote heart touching letters and also made decorative greeting cards for their fathers. All fathers were moved by the gesture and called in during the live program to share their joy and feeling of pride for the children’s innocent gesture. Radio Madhuban also broadcast songs dedicated to fathers throughout the day. In the special show produced by young RJs at the studio, not only did the team express their deep gratitude and love for fathers but also towards single mothers who strongly take up the dual responsibility.  See photos here

Launch of A Gender Empowerment Project

The team at Radio Madhuban is all set to challenge traditions that perpetuate gender stereotypes and to help boost the ability of teenagers to take action to improve their lives.

Full-On Nikki

With an aim to promote adolescent education and to break the silence surrounding sensitive issues affecting young people, Radio Madhuban 90.4 FM has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Community Radio Association to launch a project for gender empowerment.

Under this project, the team at Radio Madhuban will broadcast a show series ‘Full On Nikki’ and engage the community in discussions and dialogue through interactive workshops and village outreach events to create awareness and to record community’s voice and views on adolescent issues. These recordings will be broadcast alongside the main show to bring in local flavour to the show. Through a mix of social drama, action, energy, fun, humour and emotions, this edutainment package will discuss existing social norms and showcases transformation from a culture of silence to a culture of change and freedom.

Full On Nikki is a 78-episode long Radio show series on gender empowerment that targets Indian adolescents – both boys and girls aged 10-19 and their parents. This series has been created by the partnership of UNICEF and BBC Action Media.

This project will focus on a variety of issues including underage marriage, sex-selective abortion, stereotyping of women and girls, sexual health, financial dependence, higher education for girls, hygiene and sanitation, drug and alcohol abuse, mental health, and gender-based violence. Each episode of Full On Nikki is of thirteen minutes’ duration.  The show is designed to be played as a package of three episodes of thirteen minutes each, woven around a single, central theme.

The project launch was organized at the student’s camp in Khedat, Abu Road, Rajasthan on 19th June 2017. The initiatives of Radio Madhuban will aim to address all these issues from the perspective of building the capacity of adolescents to take simple, doable actions and find solutions and allies within their own sphere of influence (their parents, siblings and other family members), friends and social set, to end gender-stereotyping or gender-based violence. See photos here

Reports by Raghav Chawla

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