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Radio Madhuban Observes UN days

World Malaria Day

Radio Madhuban spread awareness about Malaria, its causes, possible prevention methods and tips for good health on the World Malaria Day on 25th April. The team produced one minute audio capsules focusing on the disease, its common causes, easy prevention tips and cures for the listeners. These capsules were played every hour during the day to increase awareness about Malaria.

WMD - Radio Madhuban

The local community in Abu also has some myth about Malaria and considers it to be a non-medical condition that can be only cured with powders and prayers. Radio Madhuban endeavoured to change this belief system by bringing in a general physician from J. Watumull Global Hospital and Research Centre in Abu to interact with the community through radio. Dr. Prakash, in his one hour talk show on radio, shared all aspects of the disease in detail with an easy to understand approach for the local community. Several listeners called in to ask questions about Malaria and seek medical advice from Dr. Prakash. A malaria patient called in to share the difficulties and his suffering and encouraged the community to adopt prevention tips.

Dr. Prakash, J. Watumull Global Hospital and Research Centre in Abu, addressing the audience

Dr. Prakash, J. Watumull Global Hospital and Research Centre in Abu, addressing the audience

The young RJs at Radio Madhuban produced a 30 minute classroom session show on Malaria to educate the community about the disease and its various aspects.

World Day for Safety and Health at Work

Radio Madhuban 90.4 FM organized a village outreach event in Kiyariya, Mudarla on the World Day for Safety and Health at Work on 28th April 2017. While sharing about the historical background of the day and its significance, the volunteer team also emphasized on occupational safety.

Safety and Health at Work

35 women workers and 6 men working under the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MNREGA) participated in the program. Some of the workers highlighted that they have to bear the cost of medical and other expenses in case of any accident while at work. Many women workers shared that they feel insecure due to odd working hours that require them to work late at site. Team Radio Madhuban found out that the participants were not aware about any benefits like medical cover and safety provisions they are entitled to under this scheme.

The team played a song about the benefits of MNREGA and a 21 minute documentary on occupational hazards and safety to educate the participants. Volunteers from another organization ‘Jan Chetna Sansthan’ also partnered with Radio Madhuban to spread awareness during this event.

Young RJs of Radio Madhuban also produced a 30 minute show about occupational health and safety in classroom session format. Moreover, a 6 minute drama was broadcast to spread awareness through Radio about health and safety at work. This drama narrated an accident involving a worker at a factory. All RJs gave the message of ‘safety first’ during their shows.  (Reports by Raghav Chawla)

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