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Rediscovering Dignity

The slides of skyscrapers zipped through tinted glass windows as streams of sunlight painting the multicolored seats of the number 7 subway. Waiting for the doors to swish open, I marveled at my fortune of getting the opportunity to go to the UN for the Commission on the Status of Women – the Elimination and Prevention of Violence against Women and Girls; the topic of preventing this gruesome, gender-based violence intrigued and moved me to write a 6-page-research paper for school. As the doors opened, we slid into an escalator that shot up for almost a mile into the air. The ground slipped behind our shoulders, and we accelerated farther into the air, leaving behind the limitations of being enclosed in the “perfect bubble” of Great Neck – where insignificant circumstances hold pivotal importance – moving forward by elevating our consciousness to matters beyond the “I” and the “me” but to “we” as one world family, united.

My eye-opening experiences began at the UN parallel event “Both Men and Women Using their Inner Resources to Bring Change: Relearning Peace” hosted by the Brahma Kumrais. Continue reading . . .

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