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Refugees & Migrants as Global Citizens, DERC, UK

Development Education Research Centre, DERC, London, Seminar

June 27, 2017



The seminar explored refugees and migrants understanding of the global citizen identity and its implications of positioning and power. It discussed re-orientation and re-positioning for future learning and opened up a debate on global citizen/ identity within the FE (Future Education) and Skills sector. 

A group of 20 highly qualified participants was addressed by the main speaker, Ms. Rachel Casali. The presence of Director of DERC, Mr. Douglas Bourn, added value to the seminar which was held in a classroom setting at the UCL Institution of Education campus.

Contents & Discussion

It was interesting to see how the research was based on Critical literacy and following issues were explored:

 Refugees and migrants understanding of Global Citizen Identity.

 Identity & Implications of Positioning and Power

 Re-orientation and Re-positioning ( Looking beyond Boundaries/travel/tourism/cultural)

 Research done on Global citizenship was shared ( target group: 18 Refugee student and 4 migrant teachers)

 Identity issues that many refugee and migrant face were discussed. Simple question like who am I? Where is my home? Sense of place, sense of home and sense of movement were talked about

 The challenges faced by the refuges i.e. negative representation, narrative of survival and global citizenship….

Conclusion & Service Prospect

The sharing and discussion were thought-provoking as the interviewed refugees and migrants in the research study had mixed feelings. Few felt that they were ‘NOT YET…’ a global citizen, the speaker felt incompetent to answer a Q asked by me: “What understanding of global citizenship or global identity do refugees and migrants have?” She said it was difficult to answer as there was no proper definition found because it varied from individual to individual, due to their different perceptions & situations. Also the question that mostly everyone in the group had was unanswered: Q Is the global identity subject just for refugees and migrants or does it also apply to the native residents of a country?

Comment: Though the research was done on basis of Critical Literacy, however they are aware that Economical and Spiritual approach could be looked into.

I got an opportunity to meet the Ms. Rachel Casali and the Director of DERC – Dr. Douglas Bourn briefly after the seminar. I shared with them the aim and vision of the BKWSU and the Spiritual Perspective on Global Citizenship, and willingness to serve the refugees and migrants. Dr. Douglas was interested to know what BKWSU and our spiritual approach towards global citizens are.  The best way for organisations to accomplish things is to partner with each other.

Learn more about the work of DERC on their facebook page

Report: BK Nidhi Shukla

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