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Side Events – International Women’s Day 2018

The Role of Media to Empower Women

Thursday, March 8, 2018. Trusteeship Council

A very engaging panel discussion hosted by the Permanent Mission of Qatar to the UN and UN WFPA had the audience captivated.

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Media is very influential and powerful. The questions that were brought up were, ‘how can media help to change stereotypes regarding women and girls?’ It was noted that media tend to portray women in such a way that boys and girls begin to feel and think that they, girls, are destined to be in the home, or look a certain way, for example.

However, a TV channel in South Africa, SABC, is changing the way they address or portray women by having women hold top positions.

A lot of discussion was around parenting and how parents monitor their children when using social media. It was observed that parental training is lacking and was emphasized that such a school is needed.

IWD Media

As Cicely Tyson, actress, activist, and award winner, shared, today’s children are not being ‘fingerprinted’ by grandparents, teachers, preachers, etc. They are getting that from videos games, TV, etc. The answer to which one is better is quite disturbing as society is still working on finding best practices.
The question is: Do we go back to the old school way of parenting and stereotypes or find a way to integrate the fast moving technological influence with the values-based systems that are innate in all of us? Media can play a great role in changing the mindset of men and women towards women and girls. If only this can be recognized and utilized more, we can then say we are on the path to the change we are looking for.
Cicely Tyson

Cicely Tyson

Role of Media

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Unity in Diversity

Sunday, March 11, 2018. General Assembly Hall

Unity in Diversity Panelists

Unity in Diversity Panelists

To start the 62nd CSW with an evening of art and hope….UNITY IN DIVERSITY was one of the best ways to resemble us “the WOMEN”. Unity is a virtue that is very close to my heart, because it brings all of us under one umbrella, with this deep knowing that yes! we are different (diverse) on the outside, but at the core, we are all one! The sense of brotherhood, or if I may say sisterhood, was the message of the evening, wherein we understand each other’s journey and honor everything we as women have to endure. It was a new experience for me to learn of the extreme challenges of rural women. I was also touched by the wonderful medium of art used to share this message. The short film, “TOLU”, was my favorite, wherein a young girl received wings and was able to embark on a new journey and defy gender biases that we face each day. She set an example for many girls to think / act outside the box.

HEAR WORD!, written and directed by Ms. Ifeoma Fafunwa, and performed by the Naija Woman Talk True, was at one point heart-wrenching as the actors vividly illustrated the various forms of violence that women and girls have to deal with; yet on the other hand, I felt happy to know that not only are they aware, but also actively engaged in bringing this awareness of societal and cultural norms among other sister women, on a global level through song and dance. I thought art was a very good way to communicate this, and what better way than by women themselves!!

Unity in Diversity performers

I left the evening inspired by the energetic Naija Woman troupe who have moved beyond barriers to achieve solutions. Lastly, I would like to end with the words of Dr. Queen Blessing Itua, “We are the blessings of Africa”, but indeed if I may….I feel, “We (ALL WOMEN) are the blessings of the world”. Thank you! and Kudos to all you women out there :))

Enjoy the performance here

(written by BK Tina Agarwal)

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