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Standup for Dignity: Human Rights, Spiritual Rights

Bahai’s Office, Thursday, December 8, 2016


The room bubbled with peaceful joy as friends, new and long-time, gathered to listen, share, and learn about the much needed value of Dignity. The Brahma Kumaris, along with organizing partners, the Values Caucus, International Day of Yoga Committee and the International Federation of Women in Legal Careers, hosted this event to honor the UN’s Human Rights Day. BK Jayanti Kirpalani,the Regional Coordinator of the Brahma Kumaris in the UK and Europe, and the UN Representative of the BKs,  was the special guest speaker. The afternoon opened with a warm welcome by Ms. Julia Grindon-Welch followed by Ms. Judy Rodgers, who prepared our minds and souls to listen to the deep insights from Sr. Jayanti.


Sr. Jayanti highlighted a few points that offered some clarity as to what is spiritual dignity, “when I can appreciate the treasures of peace, love, dignity, respect, that I carry in myself, I can appreciate myself and most likely appreciate and respect another. These are universal values and these are the things we are made up of. I need to align my conscience with my own inner core values. The foundation of my inner dignity rests on the extent to which I follow the quiet voice of my conscience. When I have self-esteem, I act without discrimination. My own dignity and self-respect is the seed of treating each person with respect and dignity.” 

Ms. Audrey Kitagawa, JD, UN Representative; Mr. Scott Carlin, Asso. Professor of Geography, Earth & Environmental Science LIU Post; and Mr. Carl Murrell, Chair of the Values Caucus; were respondents who also shared the value and necessity of upholding our own dignity if we wish to stand up for someone else’s dignity!

After a brief sharing by a few others, BK Jayanti led the gathering into meditation where we were asked to align with our inner core and ask ourselves what we reaffirm that we will stand up for. This was written down and we all stood up, holding up our cards to the song, here I am


Everyone left with renewed energy and deeper commitment to the great cause of standing up for the dignity of someone, whether myself or another.

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