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Strengthening the UN’s Core: Are Three Pillars Enough?

Thursday, October 26, 2017

The United Nations celebrated yet another UN Day on October 24 and on October 26, hundreds of the NGO Community got together to participate in understanding the deeper meaning of what the UN stood for.

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The UN was formulated with the intent of working towards a world free from wars and conflict, achieving equality and safety for all humankind, and protecting the rights of everyone.  Thus, the three pillars of the UN are:

  1. Peace and Security
  2. Upholding Human Rights
  3. Sustainable Development

UN Dignitaries addressed these three pillars stating that there are increasing challenges that are faced such as, climate change, migrant and refugees crisis, and conflicts.

Mr. Craig Mokhiber, Director of the New York Office of the High Commissioner for Human Right (OHCHR), reminded everyone that “this house,” referring to the UN, was built to deal with these issues. Human Security is all about establishing freedom from fears because the global crisis is having a great impact on human rights.

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In conclusion, a chair becomes quite stable when it sits on all four legs. Since the UN only has three pillars, maybe there is a need for a fourth on to help in stabilizing and bringing balance in all the great work that is being done. Should they consider a pillar of Self-Empowerment as the fourth?

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