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Sustainable Development Goals Summit 2023 (SDG Summit)

We are people and planet at the UNHQ, NY 16 – 17 September 2023

The SDG Summit was held at the UNHQ for 2 days with civil society which was followed by 2 more days of discussions and conversations with the heads of state during the General Assembly.

The Brahma Kumaris at the UN participated and attended some of these events. Here are some highlights from the various panel discussions:

Youth: “Torchbearers for The SDGs: Meaningful Youth Engagement & the 2030 Agenda” The essence of the sharing by many with vast experience and those on the ground during the 4 days super packed sessions covered how youth can lead, how youths are involved, how youth can make the change, how youth can contribute and how youth can make it sustainable. One of the most interesting sessions was on Youth Advocacy. The panels were highlighting that access to information in crucial, make full use of the social media platform, the importance of networking and to tell what you need so that others can offer help, having the attitude of not giving up if a No is given as an answer, being persistent in asking questions, to stand out and do something different, do everything without any expectation, keep doing because someone is looking, never take no for an answer, be consistent and grow on resources on what we have to offer to make things happen.
Spotlight Initiative: To eliminate violence against women and girls (SDG Action Weekend, Acceleration Day, High Impact Initiatives). H.E. Amina Mohammed, Deputy Secretary General, UN, stated, “the 2030 Agenda can only happen when both men and women are genuinely treated as equals. When women and girls live life free from violence, life lived with dignity.”Spotlight Initiative, is an umbrella for the UN System as a whole, coordinated by Executive Office of the Secretary General and co-led by core agencies:
  • UN Women
  • UNDP

Other powerful speakers included, Ashley Judd, actress; Natalie Portman, award winning actress; Terry Dale Ince, member of Spotlight Civil Society Initiative, Trinidad & Tobago.

Watch the full dynamic conversations:

Power of Data: Unlocking the data dividend for the SDGs. Natalia Kanem, the UNFPA Executive Director highlighted that Data is about people and not numbers. we need to reveal what is not seen, to know those not known and to be bright to live to transform lives.

Other events attended include:

i. Opening plenary on both days: Mobilization and Acceleration
ii. Transforming Education: Learning to build a better future for all
iii. Science & Academia: “Catalyzing Transformative Change: Science, Academia and the Journey to 2030”
iv. Civil Society: “Enhancing Advocacy, Financing and Accountability: Key Messages from Civil Society to the SDG Summit and Beyond”
v. Global Accelerator: The Global Accelerator on jobs and social protection for just transitions
vi. SDG Action Weekend Closing Plenary

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