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Girls Rule

The Department of Information Briefing, Thursday, October 25, 2018

An excited gathering of girls, women, boys and men filled the ECOSOC Chambers as we prepared to celebrate ‘Girls Rule.’

A panel of experienced and highly accomplished women addressed the audience, sharing their stories of courage, determination, and the inner strength that motivated them, inspiring everyone and lifting the energy in the hall.

The bravery of the migrant, the ability to think for oneself, and the pride of who you are were some of the factors that were expressed. The panel reminded girls how important it is never to give up on their dreams, and to find someone who believes in them, who will help to keep their spirit up.

It was noted that women make good managers as they can do more, with less. Education is one thing that cannot be taken away from someone, therefore, investing in girls’ education is not a charity for it contributes to making the economy stable.

Panelists include: Elana Leopold, Founding Partner of Seneca Strategies; Mariama Camara, Founder of Mariama Fashion Production; Laila Zemrani, Co-founder and CEO of Fitnescity; Hamel Vyas, Assoc. Dean for International Personnel, Mt. Sinai Health System; Shabana Basij-Rasikh, Co-founder and President, School of Leadership, Afghanistan; Monique Coleman, actor, producer, and global youth advocate.

Two 11 year olds addressed everyone – Alexandra Good, storyteller, student and performer, and Emerson Davis, student, musician, and 2018 Tony Award winner. The event closed with Emerson singing “I’m on fire” that rocked the room.

You are invited to listen to the full proceedings:

Hamel Vyas and BK Sabita

What made me feel proud was that the women of UN DPI NGO organized the event that turned out to be one of the best briefings!

Panelists and DPI NGO Women

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