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Transformating Education: Youth Dialogues on Innovative Learning.

International Day of Education: January, 24, 2023.  UN HQ, New York

A few panels of experienced educators addressed this timely issue. Here are some highlights from these rich and dynamic conversations:

  • For young people to really enjoy their education, it is important to provide safe spaces, principles on trust solidarity, and to be easy on themselves.
  • Students finish school and they are not able to handle stress, or to make decisions or deal with pressing challenges in life. Innovative learning includes learning to address these issues.
  • Transformative education is about inclusivity, solidarity, learning about global citizenship, sustainability, and climate change. It includes values such as cooperation, collaboration, and social emotional learning and stability.

A few profound questions for youth to ask themselves:

  • How do you see the role of teachers in transformative education?
  • What is your dream of what higher education looks like?
  • What does good learning look like?

In conclusion, for the transformation that is needed in education is not only to emphasize the importance of emotional and mental stability, but for teachers to recognize when students may not be academically smart and help encourage them to find their skill or trade or talent.

Values and morals are very much needed in creating wholesome humans that can be effective leaders of the future.

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