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UN DPI NGO Conference Bonn, Germany 3-5 September 2011

UN DPI NGO Conference

Bonn, Germany

3-5 September 2011

The 64th Annual United Nations Conference for Non-Governmental Organisations associated with the Department of Public Information, was on Sustainable Societies; Responsive Citizens on the 3, 4 and 5th of September.

The main themes were:

  1. •Shaping Sustainable Lifestyles and Livelihoods: Sustainable Consumption and Production Aspects of a Globalising World
  2. •Green Economy and Poverty Eradication: Climate justice as a bridge to a new global Economic Paradigm
  3. •Role of Civil Society in a Fast-changing World: Civic Engagement and Voluntary Action for Achieving Sustainability
  4. •Sustainable Development Governance Issues from Local to Global: The Role of Citizen Participation

The event offered round table discussions, presentations and workshops dialogues on the theme of the green economy, the importance of youth and the power of volunteers to find and sustain durable solutions to the problems faced by our world.

It allowed a reflection on how we could further advance goals of sustainable development at and beyond Rio+20.

The event  brought together UNEP experts and civil society experts to present and discuss green economy issues and interact with other participants: the most remarkable was Dr. Vandana Shiva she explained that one of the major obstacles that hinder sustainable development is the perceived perception that human beings are separate from the earth. For more information click here.

We had an exhibit entitled “Sowing seeds of Sustainability” very well situated in the main corridor of the conference and people received very well our new leaflet: Living in harmony, many commented they liked the name of it. We also presented our new position paper: Earth care- a revolution in Thinking and the Call for action regarding climate change and human rights as well as Udo’s work on the Village of the future and many stopped to talk, take information about our projects and introduce themselves for further connections. Having the exhibit  really helped in connecting with people and organising our time and energy.

Our delegation was composed of: Sudesh Didi who was an inspiration for all of us for her ever readiness and openness towards all. Gopi from Cologne was the German local coordinator who did an amazing job, Udo presented his beautiful project of Villages of the Future, Heidi from Bonn was a great host for all of us andRenaud from France who was our Media rep and Arnold from Holland who has already participated twice in Climate conferences in Bonn was very experienced in the local setting.

We also had a youth representative, Stephania from Austria, who was very enthusiastic, open to learn and mixed happily with other youth at the conference, and Valeriane from Geneva.

The fact that we were so many allowed all of us to engage in relationships with others and get to inform ourselves, see people who are contacts from before and meet new people.

Didi, Arnold, Renaud and Valeriane got interviewed by different media and projects.

We also offered 2 contributions to the draft declaration and both got included (though in a different language): vegetarianism and Spirituality.

We also had a public program we organized in the city of Bonn where mainly previous friends of Brahma Kumaris came to listen to a very nice interview of Didi conducted by Arnold.

Valériane Bernard

NGO Representative to the United Nations

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