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UN High Level Political Forum. Practical Tools for Empowering People, Access to Justice and Peaceful Societies

July 12, 2019

An event with a difference. The HeartMath Institute, Pathways for Peace, Centre for International Sustainable Development: Law, and Heart Ambassadors co-facilitated an interesting and dynamic conversation at the UNHQ, NY, highlighting spiritual and more heartfelt tools as means for empowerment.

What is necessary to understand is that all emotions carry information in them and these are not always seen and therefore not easy to decode thereby, a great amount of inner strength gets drained. To reach a state of inner empowerment, one must ask oneself certain questions such as:

  • what breaks you?
  • what skills do you have and frequently use?
  • what’s possible? Can you dare yourself to do them?

These motivating questions stimulate us to bring out the best in ourselves. True empowerment lies in tapping into what drives us forward. If we can nurture this regularly, we will feel empowered more times than less. This has a direct impact on our hearts and brain, thereby affecting our health. The idea is to be aware of this and focus on what maintains good heart health – meditation, exercise, and renewed emotions such as appreciation, tolerance, courage, confidence, and compassion.

Experts in the field guided this workshop: Dr. Scilla Elworthy, Business Plan for Peace, Sheva Carr
CEO, Executive Director, Fyera! and the Fyera Foundation Sunflower SunPower Kids, Robert Browning.

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